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Phure Studios
Android version appears 10 years post-iOS.
  • A sextet of Android screens.
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PM Studios
Switch release date tweaked slightly.
  • Arty images.
  • Some screens.
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...and thoughts on BEIS consultations on industry impact.
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Farm/life sim series hopes to make some more chums when it goes live in the summer.
  • A screenshot collection.
  • A video all zipped.
  • Package and pre-order art.
  • A game logo.
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Games Done Quick
Beating a pandemic is as simple as speedrunning some games.
  • Logos and such.
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Flight School
Out now on PS4.
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Anshar Studios
Funded in 36 hours.
  • A Kickstarter trailer.
  • 10 minutes of gameplay.
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These are getting very specific, aren't they?
  • A seabound video.
  • Some tinkering screens.
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Enplex Games
Gameplay video series focuses first on trees. (Tech trees - Ed)
  • Gameplay series #1.
3 dni temu
Events promised across a great number of titles.
  • Eventful video.
  • Springtime art.
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Grey Alien
April 9th on Steam for this.
  • An antagonistic trailer.
  • Some screens and images.
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Thorium Entertainment
Seems like there's an 'Othermine' to explore too.
  • 'Othermine' trailer.
  • A few GIFs.
  • Logos and such.
  • 'Othermine' screens.
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...and the winners are...
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Deep Silver
You probably know it is out on the Switch by now.
3 dni temu
Bandai Namco
Hokage Naruto now playable.
  • Hokage Naruto video.
3 dni temu
Combat will be a thing, judging by the trailer.
  • Combat trailer screens.
  • Combat trailer.
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Raiser Games
A trailer is scant preparation for the grotesquery promised in the final episode.
  • Episode 4 trailer.
3 dni temu
A free closed beta phase has begun on Steam today for the testing platformer.
  • Closed beta promo.